Creating a Strong Portfolio PDF E-mail
To prepare your portfolio for college admissions or AP Studio is not an easy task. You must have a vision, Must be familiar with the materials of art and develop strong technical skills to realize your project.

Your portfolio must impress the committee! Organized instructions is absolutely necessary to ensure the quality of the work you show. Gemma Art Foundation helps you to organize this process.

•    We plan your schedule to have enough time to complete the portfolio
•    Make sure that you your presentation has structure and a solid range of understanding in visual concerns and materials
•    Watch that all guidelines are followed
•    Our workshop will help you to acquire important skills in making and presenting your work.

Remember that it takes courage to present your work to the public and you must give it your best shot. With the help of our experienced teachers you will receive the needed guidance and support in this important step of beginning your art career.
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