Short Pose Sketching PDF E-mail
Working from model students will sketch poses ranging from five to thirty minutes. They will learn to use line in flowing and energetic fashion, organize figure in the picture plane. Open to beginners as well as advanced students.
Portrait Drawing PDF E-mail
This course will offer basic instructions in drawing portraits. The emphasis will be placed on capturing likeness and expression. Other issues addressed will include perspective, foreshortening, human anatomy.
Still Life Drawing PDF E-mail
Students will learn the basics of drawing. Course will begin with discussion of materials, line, shading and rendering of geometric volumes. A variety of technical exercises will give students an opportunity to explore their favorite medium through working on monochromatic and colored still life.
Figure Drawing PDF E-mail
This is an introduction to figure drawing. The underlying assumption of this course is that if an artist can draw anything. Who are interested in pursuing careers in visual arts and are in process of applying for admission to art schools and colleges – this is an important course to take. It provides students with the skills and tools necessary for accurate rendering of the human figure. Working from the model, students will be taught to understand form, the effect of light and shade, the significance of line for creating the illusion of reality.
Composition Painting and Drawing PDF E-mail
This courses will focus on the students exploration of self-expression in their painting and drawing. Utilizing with perpetual and imaginative source material, they will be encouraged to attempt creating their own and unique subject matter and concept through painting, drawing, and mixed media or digital computer art.
Still Life Painting PDF E-mail
Students will be taught a direct approach to painting, explore oil and watercolor painting techniques. Instructions will include discussions of brushes, canvas, paper, and color mixing. Strong emphasis will be placed on the power of harmonious composition.
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